Agency Partnerships & Collaborative Resources

The Division of Aging – The Division of Aging is the largest funding resource for the Elko Senior Activities Program.  The Division of Aging offers grant funding resources through two federal funded networks, the nutrition grant and the independent living grant.  Without the grant resource funding offered through the Division of Aging, the Elko Senior Activities Program would not be able to provide either the Congregate or Meals on Wheels Programs.  

Senior Meal Programs 

Congregate Meal Program - Older adults age 60 and older have the ability to access The Terrace at Ruby View Monday through Friday for a nutritious hot meal at a suggested donation of $3.00.  The meal begins at 11:30 a.m. and is served until 12:45 p.m.  Older adults through the congregate program are able to receive a nutritious meal at an affordable cost.  Guests under the age of 60 may also eat at the center for $6.00.  

Meals on Wheels Program – Older adults age 60 or older that are homebound due to their health or illness may be eligible to receive meals provided by the Meals on Wheels program.  Home delivered meals are provided to residents of the Elko area between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.  Older adults outside of the Elko area may also participate in the frozen meal segment of the program by purchasing nutritious frozen selections that can be heated at home with minimal effort.  The suggested minimum donation for either the home delivered or frozen meal is $3.50, however, no-one will be denied services due to an inability to pay.

Health Resource Center 

Resistance Training Classes- Each quarter, the members of The Senior Terrace have the ability to take a resistance class that is taught by interactive television three times a week.  A senior volunteer facilitates the course, collecting a sign-up list for those enrolled.  Equipment needed for the class is supplied by the Elko Senior Activities Program.  A suggested donation of $2.00 per quarter is advertised, but anyone who wishes to attend may enroll and participate.  An average of 10 to 15 seniors attends the class.  

Tai Chi Classes- In partnership with the local college, Great Basin College, the Elko Senior Activities Program has been able to provide local community college recreation course offerings for Senior Members.    Seniors prefer the Terrace setting to the hustle and bustle of a local college campus and have the added benefit of receiving courses from certified instructors.  Classes are taught each semester for two days a week.  Cost of the class is based on the community college class schedule and is often less expensive than traditional classes at local gyms or fitness centers.  

Health and Wellness Seminars- Guest speakers from state agencies and the community are often recruited to provide luncheon seminars on topics that affect seniors.  Guest speakers may visit the Elko Senior Center to provide information on identity theft, Medicaid issues, elder abuse, prescription medication do’s and don’t, etc.  The mini seminars are an impromptu way to provide seniors with valuable information that they may not otherwise set aside time to attend.  The seminars are of no cost to Senior Members and are available as new opportunities are either available or recruited to satisfy a new or ongoing health or financial issue.

Podiatry Clinic- Grant Funding from the EJC Foundation has provided a monthly podiatry clinic for seniors to access.   A local podiatrist provides services in the medically equipped rooms at the Center with a minimum suggested donation of $10.00.  An average of 25 seniors benefit from the reduced cost podiatry services each month.  Whereas many of the seniors would not normally schedule an appointment with a podiatrist, it can be assumed that a large number will benefit from a healthier lifestyle by taking advantage of this opportunity.

Flu Shots- The Elko Clinic has graciously provided on site flu immunizations for seniors at the Elko Senior Center.  Seniors within the local community have the ability to schedule their annual flu shot at no cost with the presentation of their Medicaid card, or for a reduced amount of $15.00.  In addition, for more than 20 years, the center has been able to provide a list of homebound seniors in need of flu shots and the county provider, currently the Nevada Health Center, has in turn made house calls to the homes of seniors that may not have the financial resources or health to leave their homes to receive the immunization.   

Blood Pressure ChecksOn the 2nd and the 4th Tuesday of the month, a local Certified Nurse from A+ Total Care, visits the center from 10:30 a.m. to 11:45 p.m. to record the blood pressure and vitals of seniors visiting the center.  Nevada Home Health sends a nurse to offer this service on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 11:30.  This service enables seniors to have a quick “mini” check-up as they work to self monitor their general health.  Both health providers offer their services to the Elko Senior Center as a donation.  There is no cost to the seniors who take advantage of this service.  

Senior Resource & Referral Center 

ADRC - Nevada Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) is designed to assist older adults, persons with disabilities, their caregivers and families in locating supportive services and resources in order to continue living as they choose in their community. Using this website, you can easily obtain information about Nevada’s in-home and community-based services. If you need additional assistance in locating and accessing appropriate services contact:
405 Idaho Street, Suite 214
Elko, NV 89801

Weatherization Program – The Elko Senior Terrace is a resource site for the Nevada Housing Division.  Seniors that may be in need of help reducing their utility bills can contact Elko Senior Center staff for applications and application assistance.  Applications and information are on site and are available to seniors at a convenient location.   

Low Income Energy Assistance (EAP Program) – The Elko Senior Terrace has been a designated site for the Department of Health and Human Services Energy Assistance Program.  As a vendor site, Elko Senior Activities Program provides assistance by providing applications and forms to seniors requesting services.  In addition, staff can assist applicants with the completion of their application as well as the Rights and Obligations forms.  Funding from the E.A.P. program helps low-income seniors with the cost of home energy bills and can provide the ability for seniors to reserve their limited resources for food and other commodities or prevent the shut-off of services when their fixed incomes cannot afford the high cost energy bills.

Legal Services Referrals – Older adults that encounter the need for legal assistance can be referred to local agencies in the community through the assistance of the Terrace, E.S.A.P. programs.  As seniors find themselves in need of legal assistance or the need for a power of attorney, they can be referred to appropriate community resources that are professionally licensed and at reasonable cost.  Referrals may also be made to legal aid services for those seniors whose financial resources are limited. Monthly appointments.

AARP Driver Safety Program – This is an 8 hour classroom refresher course for motorists age 50+.  It includes training and materials geared especially to safe driving strategies.  No test and participants can receive a discount on their auto insurance premiums.

Project Neon (Nevada Elders on the Net) – The Terrace at Ruby View is 1 of 27 sites in Nevada that has pledged to allow seniors to have access to the Net through Project NEON.  Project NEON was established to facilitate sites statewide that would allow seniors to access information and referrals from the Internet.  Older adults in the Elko and surrounding community have the ability to access a computer and the network at the local Center in order to access services they may not otherwise have the ability to do so from home.  Many older adults do not have the financial resources to either own a computer or fund the monthly Internet service.

Problem Resolution & Information Referrals – Older adults in the community frequently contact The Terrace at Ruby View for information referrals and problem solving. Older adults that have trouble with their utilities being turned off, unaware of their rights, in need of a vaccination, or in need of housing, can contact the Terrace to be referred to any one of numerous resources.

S.H.I.P. Medicare Counseling- Nevada State Health Insurance Assistance Program, offers free, unbiased Medicare Counseling.  SHIP Volunteers offer FREE one-on-one assistance with respect to many problems seniors encounter regarding Medicare, supplemental health insurance and long-term/short-term options.  (New Medicare Beneficiaries-please contact your local SHIP 3 months prior to your 65th Birthday month for important benefits counseling) 
If you need additional assistance in locating and accessing appropriate services contact:
ADRC - Elko Office
(located on 2nd Floor of the Wells Fargo Building)
405 Idaho Street, Suite 214
Elko, NV  89801

Terrace Travel Club –Older adults unite to enjoy their golden years by working together to plan trips to locations that include the Shakespearean Festival and the National Parks.  Planning for the trips is done completely by the members in the club and becomes a cost effective way for members to enjoy planning and creating trips to locations of their choice.   It is critical for older adults to set future goals, and the opportunity to plan for future events is a great way for the club members to begin to enjoy their golden years.  The travel club is a cost effective way for older adults on limited incomes to work together towards an inexpensive vacation.  

Bridge/Poker/Cribbage (Leisure Game Clubs/Game Room) -Older adults enjoy the opportunity to make use of The Terrace at Ruby View during the evening as well as during traditional business hours.  Each Tuesday, the Bridge Club meets at 6:00 p.m. to socialize, play cards, and enjoy some time out of the home environment.  For older adults living alone, with their adult children, or in a residential home community, the weekly outing provides a leisure evening away from television and isolation to challenge their minds and socialize.   In addition, clubs have also periodically included cribbage, scrabble and dominoes as volunteers have taken a lead in arranging new groups.

Entertainment & Guest Artists – Senior Members can enjoy a wide variety of musical artists, cowboy poets and local entertainment during their dining experience through a variety of guest artists and musicians.  Local community artists, singing groups and dance groups are often willing to donate their time and talent as guests of the Terrace Senior Center.  Although brief, the added entertainment provide the seniors with either an updated memory or a free concert they might not otherwise enjoy on a fixed income.     

Monthly Holiday Celebrations – Great care is taken to have at least one monthly celebration.  Monthly party goers can expect to enjoy Oktoberfest, Valentine’s Gatherings, St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations, Halloween & Costume Parties,  Thanksgiving Celebrations, New Years Celebrations, Easter Events, and many more seasonal gatherings.  Every opportunity to celebrate the wonderful milestones of life becomes another way for seniors to enjoy their golden years.  

In addition, each month a specific day is set aside to celebrate the birthdays of those seniors who have been enrolled at the Center during the year.  Birthday celebrations include cake and ice-cream and the traditional round of verse.  On Father’s Day and Mother’s Day corsages and boutonnieres are traditionally provided to the seniors through the generosity of Northern Nevada Regional Hospital. 

Local schools groups often come to The Terrace to entertain the seniors and are always welcome to stay and visit with the members.

Elko Senior Games- The Elko Senior Activities Program has been coordinating with the Elko Senior Games as a local sponsor for the past five years in order to help promote the health and fitness lifestyle for everyone over age 50.  

Elko Senior Games Board Members use the Terrace Senior Center to meet and plan the annual event.  The Terrace is obviously a strong recruiting site, with the ability to recruit and sign-up seniors as participants for the local games.  In addition, the Elko Senior Activities Program participates in the event as a host site for the Senior Games opening ceremonies. By participating as a host sight, seniors in the community have the opportunity to attend even a small part of this annual event, even if they themselves have not registered to participate.  The Senior Games has more than 17 events that range from golf to weight lifting and has had upwards of 200 participants per year.  This annual event for seniors,  encourages them to remain active in their community and competitive.   

Senior Transportation Accessibility
G.E.T. My  Ride – The Terrace at Ruby View is a designated stop for the G.E.T My Ride.  Members who wish to utilize the ongoing meal programs and senior services through the Terrace, can call for front door pick-up service by giving the transportation system a 24 hour notice.  Bus passes can be purchased at a suggested donation of $5.00 for 12 tickets.  The G.E.T. My Ride bus has been an asset by providing transportation services to otherwise homebound older adults who may not have transportation or no longer like to drive.  Bus services also feature handicap accessible busses. 

Marketing & Community Outreach
Flyers of Interest - New membership is critical to any organization and for the Elko Senior Activities Program it becomes critical that we not only serve the seniors who utilize the resources daily, but that we recognize that as each year passes, a new pool of potential seniors becomes available.  It is also unfortunate but noteworthy that attrition rates for senior programs are accelerated by the very nature of the population we serve.  

Flyers of Interest were created to help recruit new senior members.  A variety of senior volunteers post the flyers at local markets, housing and rental complexes, trailer complexes, Hispanic services, the VFW, medical offices, etc.,  in an effort to keep local seniors updated on the activities available to them through the Elko Senior Activities Programs.  The flyers are an economical approach for media outreach that we hope will generate interest and potential membership.

Monthly Menu –  In addition to the flyers that are being distributed, the monthly menu is published in the local newspaper and is posted at numerous locations in the community.  Great care is made in the selection of the menu to meet nutritional guidelines and still offer an appetizing array of menu selections that can withstand the most discriminating of palettes.  

The menu is also utilized as a monthly newsletter of current events.  The large volume of copies offers a second side which is used to highlight new events, advertise upcoming events and services, promote new programs, and provide contact information for senior resources available through the Terrace E.S.A.P. Inc. or its affiliated programs.

Outreach publications are being targeted toward the baby boomers who seem to have an aversion to associating themselves with anything that identifies them as a senior citizen. Our newest outreach activity, aimed at the boomers, is to promote our facility as follows: The Terrace Senior Center – Where active adults meet for great meals, travel, entertainment and more.

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